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Our reading list is growing and growing. We'll share some of our favorites here with a short review starting with our favorite for the holiday season. Enjoy!

The HOME House Project by David J. Brown

The future of affordable housing.
A collection of proposed designs for sustainable and affordable housing with consideration for the social and design aspects of the homes. This book contains the design that inspired the Northside HOME house project that has been built and LEED certified. The HOME house exhibition was also featured at the CAC last year. Artistic and innovative, these designs will open your mind to the opportunities of green affordable housing.

The Lazy Environmentalist by Josh Dorfman

Your guide to easy, stylish, green living.
What's more appealing than helping the Earth without using much effort? Josh Dorfman makes it easy to find things you'd regularly use or need in life, but with an environmental focus. Find products and services for green outdoor gear, travel, real estate, technology, business, and more. Packed with useful ideas and suggestions for green takes on everyday items and services.

Living Like Ed by Ed Begley, Jr.

A guide to the eco-friendly life.
Ed Begley, Jr. describes things that can be done in and around the house to reduce your impact on the planet. The ideas are marked as easy changes, not-so-big changes, and big changes to help you decide which ones you want to take on for your home. The chapters cover transportation, recycling, energy, in the garden and kitchen, and clothing, hair, and skin care. A good overall view at making environmentally friendly changes to your lifestyle.

Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo

Create beautiful and organic wrappings, tags, and gifts from everyday materials
This book is filled with useful advice and crafty ideas on how to use found objects to present your gifts.  Make boxes, envelopes, cards, bows, and other packages with only a clever reuse of old materials like books, cans, leaves, scarves and more.  Regifting never looked so good.  Minimize your holiday waste by creating your own wrappings with doable guidance from this book.


Simply Green Parties by Danny Seo

Simple and resourceful ideas for throwing the perfect celebration, event, or get-together
This book is loaded with party and gathering ideas that are thoughtful, simple to recreate and environmentally friendly.  You can reuse rocks, corks, chopsticks, trophies, old sweaters, and so much more to create gifts, favors, centerpieces, and accents for any occasion.  These are excellent ideas to promote resource reuse and come away from your next party looking like a cross between Al Gore and Martha Stewart.

ReadyMade: How to Make (Almost) Everything by Shoshana Berger and Grace Hawthorne

A Do-It-Yourself Primer
Whether you're a ReadyMade Magazine faithful or not, you will find an explosion of amusing and useful ideas in this book.  The projects in this book are clearly written and loaded with pictures.  You'll find a variety of modern, useful, and attractive items geared toward any do-it-yourselfer.  Many of the projects incorporate found items like shoeboxes, CD cases, plastic silverware, clothespins, or clothing that you have lying around or can find at any yard sale.  Use this book to outfit your home and yard in environmentally conscious and homemade finishes.

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