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I Make Cincinnati Green

When you make green efforts in Cincinnati, you are not alone.  Live Green Cincinnati is asking people around town 3 questions to find out how they make Cincinnati green and what they wish for in the future. 

Featured Individuals:
Jeff Salisbury and Christine Plepys
Alice Emmons - Northside HOME House Project Architect
Brent Quebman - Energy Efficiency Expert

Jeff Salisbury and Cristine Plepys

Who are you?
Jeff Salisbury and Christine Plepys, Newport KY

How do you make Cincinnati green?
Nothing major, but a lot of little things. Parking is at a premium in Newport, so when we moved there we built a garage behind the house. It has a green (vegitated) roof that soaks up rain water, helps with the urban heat island effect and looks a lot better than the black rubber roof underneath. We also support Bike Newport, a group trying to make Newport a more bike friendly community. We only have one car since Jeff walks to work downtown. We are trying to use some recycled materials (flooring and a sink from Building Value, reusing our current appliances) in our kitchen remodel. And Christine trys to always take her own shopping bags to the grocery store.

What's on your wish list for a greener Cincinnati?
A more expansive, integrated and diverse multi-modal transportation system.
As many people on bikes and on foot as in cars in the urban core.
Green roofs on every flat roof surface.
A realization by everyone that being green not only makes sense, but makes cents (and dollars too) so there is greater acceptance for taking steps to be green.


Alice Emmons

Who are you?
I'm a middle-aged woman energetically juggling the roles of mom, spouse, architect, homeschooler, gardener, and a few other consuming interests.

How do you make Cincinnati green?
Professionally, I've been very fortunate to take part in the construction of two green homes in my neighborhood of Northside, and hope to help more of my clients "go green".

What's on your wish list for a greener Cincinnati?
My most fervent wish for Cincinnati is to find a way to connect all the people who are interested in / trying to do green. There seems to be a very broad interest in green ideas right now, and there is incredible strength and energy to be had by getting all these interested folks together.

I'm including a copy of the original rendering for the Northside houses as an image. For a website, there's a great article at Co-op America about recycling sources for a broad variety of items. It's at:

Thanks for giving me the chance to take part!

Brent Quebman

Who are you?
Brent Quebman - Executive Director energyQue

How do you make Cincinnati green?
Our mission is to improve local air quality and reduce green house gas emissions through building energy conservation. Residential, Commercial and institutional buildings waste tons of energy. We feel, with the right information, people will have the ability to make an excellent investment in their future that we all will benefit from. EnergyQue helps people understand where energy loss is occurring using LeakFinder Thermal Imaging to inspect the building envelope.

What's on your wish list for a greener Cincinnati?

  1. I wish I could take public transport to work.
  2. I wish I could heat my home with a hair dryer.
  3. I wish the Union Terminal had bullet trains I could take cross country.
  4. I wish people understood where our energy comes from.
  5. I wish we weren't so politically divided in this city.

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