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Keep Cincinnati Beautiful educational outreach

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is one of the five finalists to receive an Impact 100 grant.  KCB provides some incredible services, including free educational outreach.  Interested in learning more?

From the KCB newsletter:

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s Education Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive education on litter prevention, recycling, and beautification. We would like to use this month’s e-newsletter to inform you about our many education programs.

We offer FREE environmental education programming to children pre-k through high school, in the form of classroom teaching, school wide assemblies, field trips and volunteer opportunities . KCB also offers teacher workshops each year to interested teachers on a specific environmental topic.

For more information about ANY education activity or opportunity listed on this e-newsletter please email Barb or call 352-4387.

A word to the wise - our programs are quite popular and our schedule fills very quickly. Be sure to call as soon as you know what your classroom’s needs will be.

Cincinnati branding goes eco-friendly

Cincinnati has a large contingent of branding, marketing and communications professionals and companies.  As the design and packaging industry has moved toward sustainable practices, Cincinnati has an opportunity to lead the wave.

Finally, there is news that a Cincinnati company will focus on branding for eco-friendly products.  Read more about Marsh Eco from Soapbox Cincinnati.

Marsh Inc., an independent design consulting firm, has launched Marsh Eco to to specialize in brand identity, packaging and promotional design for companies that create consumer products supporting eco-friendly lifestyles. Ken Neiheisel will lead the Marsh Eco team from the Marsh Inc. headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, producing the creative work, and providing other project support.  Sherri S. Henry will focus on new business for Eco in the Austin, Texas market and surrounding areas in the Southern U.S. She’ll be based in Austin.

In recent years, Marsh has worked with leaders in health and eco-conscious living such as Whole Foods, Save Your Skin and Nest Fresh Eggs. “Consumers are embracing the importance and value of eco-friendly, healthier products, and as a whole are rethinking their lifestyles,” Neiheisel says.  “This paradigm shift represents an extension of our business – that also marries with our personal convictions.”

If you are a marketing or design professional, will you take your clients toward a sustainable future?

Good green fun at Eco Main-ia

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Sunday, September 14th is Second Sunday on Main in historic Over The Rhine.

It’s Eco Main-ia!

The event lasts from 12-5pm and includes Main St. shops, restaurants, galleries, vendors, a Samba parade, a live Mid Point Music Festival preview, kid crafts with Happen Inc, a celebrity chef demo, free reusable tote bag from Kroger for the first 200 attendees, and free bike valet and coffee from Park+Vine.

Live Green Cincinnati will be there as well.  Stop by to say “hi” and check out our traveling solar panel!

Share how you’ve gone green

The Enquirer wants to know what you’ve changed in your life to become more environmentally conscious.

Submit your tips for better recycling, smarter buying, reduced driving, water saving, and whatever else you’ve been focusing on in the home or at work over the past few months.

Take the greenED challenge

We’re introducing a new feature for Live Green Cincinnati, the monthly challenge.  We’re planning to provide a regular greenED [a.k.a. green + environmental direction] suggestion to encourage you to make one small lifestyle change each month on the way to minimizing your environmental footprint and improving Cincinnati.

Want to get in on the action?  Join our monthly newsletter to be a part of the greenED challenge.  The monthly guide will let you know about upcoming events, provide green product reviews, define green terms, remind you of the most popular ideas and articles from the regular Live Green blog, and more.

As a clarification, you can still receive our daily articles by subscribing to our RSS feed through a feed reader. If you currently receive daily articles through our email feed, you will want to sign up for our new monthly newsletter as well since these are delivered through different email systems.

Sign up for the monthly greenED challenge news here!

Ohio’s green hotspots

Looking for a nearby place to take a day trip this summer?  Plenty Magazine listed some of the best eco hot spots in an online state-by-state guide.

The Cincinnati Zoo and the Serpent Mound made the list.  Nearby Mammoth Cave and the Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe in Kentucky are suggested as well as Crust, an organic pizzeria in Chicago.  There are a lot of environmentally conscious places to visit for a short getaway.

Do you have any nearby weekend vacation tips to visit or see an eco-friendly site?

Seeing Green in Cincinnati Magazine

Cincinnati’s own monthly magazine is running a green feature this month. Check out Cincinnati Magazine’s stories on 10 Trailblazers Making a Difference, 9 Smart Moves to Save the Planet, 6 Threats to the Environment and What to Do About It, Products for the Green Lifestyle, and The Proper Way to Dispose.

Also, don’t miss your chance to celebrate the focus on green with Cincinnati Magazine’s Eco Chic event at Marvin’s Organic Gardens. See you there!

Eco Chic Evite

Eco Chic Evite

You make Cincinnati green!

Every week, Live Green Cincinnati is introduced to someone who’s out making Cincinnati a greener place. When we started the site, the intention was to be a good starting place for anyone in the city looking to find information or inspiration to reducing their environmental impact.

What can I do to help?
Many of you have asked how you can help or how you can get involved. Here’s my answer: Let us pick your brain!

How can I get involved?
The city is filled with good people working hard to make things happen. You have a experiences or specialties or ideas that would be great to tell others about. Let us know about them.

We are looking forward to giving you more of the green you need. Thanks for reading and we sincerely hope you want to get involved! Together we will prove that it can happen here!

Slugging out traffic congestion in the city

Traffic congestion got you down? Why not slug it out? Slugging is a phenomenon already popular in nightmare traffic cities like Washington D.C. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I watched the G Word on the Planet Green TV channel and read an article on NPR about it in the same week.

Basically slugging is car-pooling with strangers. People form lines at popular bus stations between 5-8am and 3-6pm. The drivers pull up, call out where they’re going, and pick-up passengers going their way. Why do it? In seriously congested cities like D.C., there is a HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane that moves 2-4 times faster than the general interstate traffic. A driver who picks up a slug or two at the bus station can make it to work in 30 minutes instead of 90. A slug who scores a ride makes as good or better time than the bus and rides for free. People are motivated by saving time and money, but little do they all know that they are keeping cars off the road and working to save the environment.

There are some interesting social rules for slugging, like when to talk and what to discuss. I’m sure the drivers take a gamble on what kind of Cracker Jack Prize they pick up, but in the history of slugging, there have been no reports of trouble or crime.

Recently, the Cincinnati metro ranked 33rd for metro traffic congestion, with southbound I-75 at Freeman Ave making the list as the worst traffic problem in Ohio. Cincinnati has experimented with allowing bus traffic only on the highway shoulder during rush hour, maybe it’s time to discuss an HOV lane on the most congested interstates around the city. The Park and Ride stops would make excellent slugging points. The Enquirer reported this week that local Ride Share and public transit ridership are up and that the bus transit system is looking to expand with partnerships. The stars are aligning. There’s no need to drive alone when you can carpool, ride share, take mass transit, or try slugging!

I Make Cincinnati Green, green Realtor edition

Our “I Make Cincinnati Green” feature now turns to green homes. Not building them, but advocating for greener lifestyles and assisting home buyers in finding a place that fits their needs, minimizes their environmental footprint, and uses energy and resources efficiently.

Meet Jami Stutzman. Half of the local Realtor-duo who started ENCORE: Environmentally Conscious Real Estate of Cincinnati.  Another person in the city who is proving that being environmentally responsible is not only the right thing to do, but good business as well.

Do you make Cincinnati green? Let us know.