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50 Ways to Help the Planet

Local company Wire & Twine (of the Cincinnati Transit for Optimists shirt fame) has another shirt available with a green twist.

The 50 Ways are explained here.  Read through this list for some ideas to adopt in your personal efforts to go green.

Need a holiday gift?  Pick one of these up online or at Park+Vine.

Cincinnati branding goes eco-friendly

Cincinnati has a large contingent of branding, marketing and communications professionals and companies.  As the design and packaging industry has moved toward sustainable practices, Cincinnati has an opportunity to lead the wave.

Finally, there is news that a Cincinnati company will focus on branding for eco-friendly products.  Read more about Marsh Eco from Soapbox Cincinnati.

Marsh Inc., an independent design consulting firm, has launched Marsh Eco to to specialize in brand identity, packaging and promotional design for companies that create consumer products supporting eco-friendly lifestyles. Ken Neiheisel will lead the Marsh Eco team from the Marsh Inc. headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, producing the creative work, and providing other project support.  Sherri S. Henry will focus on new business for Eco in the Austin, Texas market and surrounding areas in the Southern U.S. She’ll be based in Austin.

In recent years, Marsh has worked with leaders in health and eco-conscious living such as Whole Foods, Save Your Skin and Nest Fresh Eggs. “Consumers are embracing the importance and value of eco-friendly, healthier products, and as a whole are rethinking their lifestyles,” Neiheisel says.  “This paradigm shift represents an extension of our business – that also marries with our personal convictions.”

If you are a marketing or design professional, will you take your clients toward a sustainable future?

LEED homes in Northside

We’ve mentioned these local green houses before, but here are some photos of the Northside LEED green residences taken during the EcoBags Lunch Series organized by ENCORE.  Both homes are under contract, but it’s still worth an inside look at what makes these places unique.

The homes from the front yard on a beautiful summer day.  Notice the drought tolerant and native plants in the landscaping.

Insulation is key to high energy efficiency.

Quality HVAC systems are designed to use minimal power.

My personal favorite: a dual flush toilet to save water where you use the most.  Choose a half flush for #1 and whole flush for #2.

High windows provide natural light for the room and a way out for hot air when opened.

Jami and Libby, the realtors who put together ENCORE in the kitchen of the second house.  Check out the bamboo floors, responsible cabinetry, Energy Star appliances, and the recycled material countertops.

Half price compost bins

When my building began recycling, the trash we made was cut in half.  When I look at what is in my trash can right now, I see a combination of useless garbage and food waste.  What can be done to make use of food waste and keep it out of the landfill?  Compost!

Feed your garden and help reuse resources instead of sending them to the landfill by composting.

If you’re looking for a reason to start or expand your compost, look no further.  The Hamilton and Adams-Clermont County Solid Waste Districts are sponsoring a compost bin sale on Saturday, September 27th from 9am to 3pm at the following locations:

1) Anderson Township Farmer’s Market
7832 Five Mile
2) Colerain Township Community Center
4300 Springdale

The “Earth Machine” compost bin retails for $80 but will be available to residents of the participating counties for only $37!  Please bring cash or a check to take advantage of this incredible deal.

If  you need more guidance to get started, there will be composting experts on hand to help.

Ale 8 One’s recycled bottlestop

Local Kentucky soft drink, Ale 8 One, is bringing a unique design to a Lexington bus shelter.  The new “Bottlestop” will be made out of recycled Ale 8 bottles.

In addition, the lighting in the bus shelter will be powered by solar energy.  Both useful and artistic, the Bottlestop shows a creative way to reuse local materials in order to provide a service or meet a function and need of the city.

How about some park benches or street signs for Cincinnati made out of reclaimed blue straws from Skyline Chili?!

Good green fun at Eco Main-ia

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Sunday, September 14th is Second Sunday on Main in historic Over The Rhine.

It’s Eco Main-ia!

The event lasts from 12-5pm and includes Main St. shops, restaurants, galleries, vendors, a Samba parade, a live Mid Point Music Festival preview, kid crafts with Happen Inc, a celebrity chef demo, free reusable tote bag from Kroger for the first 200 attendees, and free bike valet and coffee from Park+Vine.

Live Green Cincinnati will be there as well.  Stop by to say “hi” and check out our traveling solar panel!

LED Street Lamps

LED lighting uses less power than traditional incandescent bulbs or even compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs). LEDs are still priced out of use in average homes, but are finding a home in other applications.

A recent trip to Watt Works,  a company providing residential and commercial energy saving products and services in Columbus, introduced a street lamp using LED lighting.

These inventive street lamps are being incorporated into neighborhood streetscapes in Columbus and around the country as a way to reduce the environmental impact of ongoing operation of the street facilities.

Clovernook compostable cups and politics

The Clovernook Center’s recyclable and biodegradable paper cups came into the spotlight again this week by being chosen for the Democratic National Convention.  The Clovernook Center is a local 105 year old non-profit organization dedicated to a high quality of life for people with visual impairments.  This Enquirer article mentions a few other customers that the Clovernook Center has landed with their inventive product.

This is great news because it shows that the cups are filling a need as companies, people, and events across the country work to be more environmentally conscious.  Need more proof that green business is good business?

Quote from the enquirer article:

New interest in green products will help propel Clovernook’s cup business from about $500,000 in sales last year to roughly $1 million this year, Usalis said, making the cups one of the highest-growth business segments for the center.

Keep this in mind when your business makes product development plans or your entrepreneurial spirit kicks in!

Local shopping to a T

Where’s Cincinnati?  Wearing Cincinnati!

Downtown’s lively hub, Fountain Square, has been hosting events and performances all summer, injecting real life into our urban center.  Today the Square is home to a Cincinnati T-Shirt Fest.

Come out and take in the fashions from all your local favorites from 11am-2pm over lunch and 5pm-10pm during indie music night.  T-shirts will be displayed and on sale from Alternative Motive, Nati Evolvement, Park+Vine, Wire & Twine, BuyCincy, and so many more.  If you’re lucky, you might even score a Live Green Cincinnati t-shirt!

Artful aluminum can reuse

A few weeks ago at Covington’s Maifest, we discovered a retired engineer who had turned recycling into an art form. Shao Lin and Sompit Xia at The Can Do Planes booth transformed used aluminum cans into model airplanes, cars, boats, animals, and so much more.

It’s a pretty incredible idea for material reuse. Making a toy or gift is a great way to reduce the consumption of always buying newly made products. Do you have a crafty reuse idea to share? If so, contact us!