Ohio poised for “green collar” job growth

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Ohio is ripe with opportunity to increase the number of jobs available in environmental industries. Soapbox Cincinnati quotes a report suggesting that 550,000 workers in Ohio could see the pay raises and job growth in environmentally-friendly industries. Coming shortly after an announcement of a GM plant closing in Moraine Ohio, the transition to green jobs can’t come fast enough.

If effort is invested to turn that plant from an SUV creator to a hybrid-electric car creator, a wind turbine manufacturer, or another type of alternative energy manufacturer, the workers can use their already honed skill sets to create a new type of product. A product where demand is increasing, industry is growing, and the door of opportunity is opening instead of closing.

Save a manufacturing facility, save jobs, save a town, grow the business, fill a need. This is a solution Ohio can use.

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