Downtown dogs get their day in the sun

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Plans for a downtown dog recreation area are in full swing. This is a great green move for the city because it makes living in a dense urban area a bit easier and more enjoyable for pet owners. There is no reason you should have to live in a house with a large yard to keep a dog happy. Besides, green space in the urban core is always a good idea to help reduce the urban heat island effect and improve absorption of storm water to prevent sewer overflow. Click on the image below to see a larger version of the proposed layout of the plan, which will lie behind the parking desert at the corner of Eggleston and Reedy.

This past weekend a dog recreation area fund raiser challenged urban pets to show their stuff. The “best kisser” and “best trick” competitions were particularly entertaining.

Guinness with owner Susan Griffiths

This obedient Pomeranian did not win for his talent, but made all the women in the crowd exclaim “awww”.

Great work by all involved in the Downtown Residents Council, city, and Cincinnati Parks, to get this project moving forward.

4 Comments on “Downtown dogs get their day in the sun”

  1. This I am excited about– once I finally get a job downtown (I live in OTR and work in Mason, makes dog ownership a bit hard on the dog) and acquire my pooch, this will be fabulous!

  2. Downtown Resident

    Currently there exists a leash AND muzzle law in the city. I wonder if this will change with the dog park?

  3. Nikki

    perhaps this is just what i need to convince my husband that we should move downtown! the dog has always been his argument against it.

  4. This is certainly exciting news. My wife and I just moved downtown this spring with our two large dogs and we love it! A dog park near by will make things even better. Yeah for Cincinnati!

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