Go a long way on a little gas

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Worried about the price of gas? There is something you can do without buying a hybrid vehicle or giving up your car for good. It’s called hypermiling, and we’ve talked about it before.

The great thing about hypermiling is that all you have to do is pick up a few new habits for regular driving in your regular car to make a difference.

See this article on hypermiling in the Pulse DT this week.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky now has it’s own local hypermiling club. Organized by Auston Hensley, the local hypermiling club had it’s first meetup last week. Here’s Auston’s account of the gathering:

The picnic was at Fort Thomas Tower Park, an old army base dating back to the 1800’s. Several of the original buildings still exist and the park was made out of the original army post.

7 people and 2 golden retrievers arrived bringing a Toyota Prius, VW Jetta TDI, Toyota Echo, Toyota Camry, Chevy Cobalt, and Chevy Aveo.

The forecast was for 50F and sunny. We got 40F overcast and wind. Oh the wind. It was a bit chilly, so much of the time was spent huddling around the bar-b-que.

We all met and had a good time introducing and getting acquainted. What followed was a pretty good discussion on the cars and how each was doing to hypermile. Then we proceeded to identify and solve every imaginable problem with cars and such. The story of Wayne Gerdes threading the needle in Nevada was told (although it can’t be done justice–you’d have to be there to fully appreciate it).

Eventually we decided to have a little MPG contest in the Prius. We all did a five mile run around Fort Thomas, and recorded our mileage in the Prius. All of us did the run with the car warmed up. I went first–I ran down the batteries at first, and then when that was milked for all it’s worth. I tried to Pulse and Glide the rest of the way. Hadi was next, who used a similar strategy, except he used an aftermarket EV button. Jud was the last to go. I don’t know what he did, but I’ll just chalk it up to him being on his home turf. He maxed out the Prius’ fuel consumption display.

I of course am calling for a rematch next time we meet, or better yet, hypermiling in my home turf. We’re hoping it’s warmer next time.

If you’d like more information about hypermiling, I’d suggest http://www.cleanmpg.com/ - it’s where I learned to hypermile and also where I first got the idea for the hypermiler’s club (and arranged it).

The hypermiling club will meet again May 17 (check the LGC calendar for more details). This is a great opportunity to learn from people who have been working to squeeze more out of their tanks and pick up some new tips.

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