One less reason to drive

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Metro is giving us one more reason to leave the car in the garage. They have recently begun a 3-month trial to provide wi-fi internet service on their 71X Kings Island Express route.

If you carry a device like an iPhone, wi-fi enabled PDA, or laptop - you can surf the web on the way to and from work. Maybe your employer will let you spend the first and last hour of your day reading email on your commute so you can leave for home 2 hours early!

To buy a few hours of wi-fi at a Starbucks or a hotel, you could pay nearly $10. The bus ride costs you much less than that. Try out the pilot and let us know how it goes. If there is positive support for this initiative, I’m sure Metro will try to spread it around to other regular routes.

One of my favorite blogs is Carectomy: Separating Cars from People. Check out this site for things happening in other cities that take cars off the roads. Metro and TANK are giving us more and more reasons to try our own car-ectomy, so prevent some pollution, save some gas money, free yourself from road-rage, and enjoy the ride!

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