Go further on your gas

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Just when we’re getting used to gas that costs $3 a gallon, there are reports of $4/gallon gas coming for spring. Before your wallet really starts to scream, it’s a good time to try some greener transportation options.

Public transportation is of course an excellent option. Take the Metro or TANK and support the streetcar.

Buying a new hybrid or highly fuel efficient may not be in the budget. Also, there’s merit in keeping your current vehicle running as long as possible to reduce the need on newly produced items using more resources. If you have to drive, you should keep fuel efficiency and emissions in the front of your mind. Try adding some of these tips to your regular driving habits.

From fueleconomy.gov:
- Keep your car well maintained
- Plan and combine trips
- Drive sensibly; gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph

From edmunds.com:
- Keep your tires inflated
- Lighten the load, empty the trunk
- Avoid excessive idling

From hypermiling.com:
- Track your gas mileage with the odometer at each fill-up
- Don’t drive aggressively
- Use cruise control

If you utilize these tips and find out the best ways to stretch out each tank of gas on your car, you can join the ranks of the hypermilers and even compete. Experienced hypermilers can double and triple the average mpg of any car - hybrid or not. Check out these articles on CNN and MSNBC for more stories and hypermiling advice.

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